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Vitamin B Deficiency Symptoms in men

Vitamin B Deficiency Symptoms in Men

Adults as well as children suffer from vitamin B deficiency in the body. It is therefore every important that that men too be on the look out for the vitamin B deficiency symptoms. Luckily, with so much information on the internet regarding this condition, it should not be hard for them to recognize the symptoms. Men are not as concerned about their health as women and therefore they might miss some of the early symptoms of deficiency of vitamin B. however, with just a little basic knowledge they should learn to recognize the symptoms early enough. This would be far better because then the condition would be easy to put right than when the deficiency is far too advanced.


How do men portray vitamin B deficiency symptoms?

Just like in women and children, the way men show the symptoms of vitamin B deficiency is no different. Vitamin B is not a single compound like in the other vitamins like E, C, D and others. In fact, the correct name for this is B vitamins because they are many, nine of them to be precise. It should be noted that men will display several symptoms depending on the vitamin that they lack in their body. For example, a man who does not have enough thiamine in the body will show different symptoms from a man who does not have enough vitamin B6.


A man who suffers from lack of vitamin B1, also called thiamine will show irritability, weakness in the muscle, slow pulse, loss of appetite, weakness and others. The disease that men may suffer from lack of vitamin B is beriberi, which affects the nervous system. Lack of vitamin B2, also called riboflavin, is manifested in the eyes mostly. The symptoms include bloodshot eyes, itching, tearing and a burning sensation in the eyes. Other symptoms also include skin infection, dull hair and soreness around the lips. Any of the above is an indication of Vitamin B deficiency and treatment should be sought immediately.


Poor appetite, skin lesions, lethargy, muscle weakness and many others are some of the symptoms that a person will display when they suffer from lack of vitamin B3. Women and children will also display the same symptoms when they suffer from a vitamin B deficiency. Vomiting, numbness and tingling sensations in the lower feet are some of the symptoms that are displayed by men suffering from lack of vitamin B5 in the body. Lack of Vitamin B6 in the body brings about several skin infections. There may be fatigue, seizures and insomnia.


The vitamin B deficiency symptoms associated with lack of Vitamin B7 include loss of hair in clumps and there might be some skin disorders too. Deficiency in vitamin B8 brings symptoms like pain, pins and needle sensations in the body. There will be fatigue, weakness and poor appetite. Other symptoms may be loss of hair and dandruffs.


Vitamin B deficiency in men that can be associated with Vitamin B 9 are anemia, weight loss, poor appetite, sore tongue and irregular, fast heartbeats. Deficiency in vitamin B 12 will bring about excessive fatigue, anemia, and even numbness.

This section specifically deals with the above issue.

Thiamine – Vitamin B1 Deficiency

This is critical for the nervous systems functions.Apart from causing beri beri this is required for the regulation of metabolism and for the main energy production function of the human body.  Typical symptoms are insomnia, slight depression, muscle weakness, intermittent constipation and digestive issues accompanied with loss of appetitie.

Riboflavin- Vitamin B2 Deficiency

Lately having issues with the eye ? bloodshot eyes, occasional tearing and itching, sensitivity to light and burning sensation at times are often symptoms of this deficiency. Surprisingly, it is not limited to just that,  peeling of some skin around the nose, generally oily skin. This vitamin is important for functions like vision, top quality mucus membrane, optimal growth of red blood cells, and last but not the least energy production function.

Niacin-Vitamin B3 Deficiency

Besides “Pellagra” which is a messed up disease that can cause skin problems & gastro problems, you will experience headaches and muscle weaknesses, loss of appetitie, tiredness & forgetfulness. This vitamin helps in maintaining optimum level of health of the skin, digestive system and nerves.

Vitamin B5 Deficiency

The symptoms for these are mainly digestive issues resulting in vomiting, nausea and diarrhea accompanied with ocassional numbness and tingling sensations in the ends of the body along with cramps in the muscles. This vitamin is responsible for the energy production from fats and carbohydrates.

Vitamin B6 Deficiency

This is responsible for the formation of red blood cells and metabolism of carbohydrate and proteins which are very vital functions in a human body. Symptoms for vitamin B6 deficiency are body fatigue, anemia, insomnia and severe cases seizures and skin disorders.

Biotin – Vitamin B7 Deficiency

This vitamin helps in a healthy growth of the hair and obviously results in hair problems when there is a deficiency of this vitamin.  Typical hair problems like dry skin, dandruff and scaly patches on the scalp arise due to this.

Folic Acid- Vitamin B9 Deficiency

DNA and RBCs are formed mainly by this acid(vitamin) this can express itself by resulting in loss of appetite,body fatigue and tiredness, sore tongue and weight loss.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

This is a primary creator of red blood cells. This actually ensures that folic acid is used properly and also paves the way for creation of nerve cells. Typically fatigue and loss of concentration and memory power are its symptoms but can also result in other problems like deprression, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite and numbness.

So these are some of the Vital Vitamin B deficiency symptoms in men . Taking Vitamin Supplements are crucial for maintaining a very good balance of the body and its vitamins as you can clearly see that Vitamin plays a Vital role in many critical body functions.